​Laundry Prices for Dry Cleaning/Laundry Pickup Delivery

SplashCart Laundry Offers Pick Up & Delivery for $1 per pound. Visit our website to schedule a pick up or simply give us a call & we'll schedule for you. Get 10%OFF on Your Laundry Order. Once your Laundry is picked up, we'll wash, dry, fold and its delivered on the following day 24hr turnaround. No need to be present at home.  Save Time, Energy and Money when you use our Laundry Service.

Pickup &
Per Pound

Individually Priced Items

  • Comforter $5.00
  • Pillow $5.00
  • Extra Bleach $.75 a load
  • Dryer Sheets $.75 per dryer
  • Laundry Bags $5.00
  • Hangers $.25 per item

Our dry cleaning prices are a little different. Our dry cleaning cost reflects the item. There may be an additional cost for some items, such as formal wear, so our dry cleaning prices reflect that. You can give us a call with questions about specific items and we can tell you what the dry cleaning price list is.