​SplashCart Reviews & Testimonials

They have very affordable prices! I like the turn around service or the same day services and of course they open Sundays.

First time using dry cleaning services and I was very pleased. Super friendly very reasonable pricing and quick service. I will definitely use them again!

Great dry cleaning service: great quality, outstanding customer service, decent prices.

By far the best services I've received. I was skeptical about having my clothes picked up and taken away with out me knowing where or how it would turn out to be. It is as easy as it states. 24 hour turn around. Clothes are neatly retuned smelling fresh. If you are considering. Consider NO MORE and arrange your pick up. Completely worth it!

I am a senior and live in an apt. complex and it just got too much for me to lift my laundry baskets and lug them down to the laundry room. Then I found this online and noticed their prices were reasonable. I was so jazzed to find out I just had to put my laundry outside my door and have it delivered all clean, fresh and folded neatly THE VERY NEXT DAY! I'm so very happy I found this laundry service and love the way my laundry comes back to me so soon! Try their services....you'll love them just like I do!