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Commercial Laundry ​Commercial Laundry Cleaning Services for Businesses

We understand how much time it takes to run a business. There are a million little things to do everyday. Let us take one of those responsibilities off of your hands. We will pick up your laundry at your business, wash it, fold it and return it to you the very next day. Imagine how much easier life will be with this service.

We will take care of any business that generates dirty laundry: medical facilities, restaurants, gyms, spas, veterinary clinics, hotels, motels, dentist offices. If you have laundry that needs cleaning, let us do it for you! Give Us a call at 973-630-2894 and we will give you a bid!

Commercial Linen Cleaning Services for Hotels, Airbnb, VRBO, and HomeAway

SplashCart offers a great linen cleaning service. We will launder sheets, towels, pillows, comforters and anything else that needs to be washed. Our hotel laundry service caters to all the different vacation rentals – hotels, motels, airbnb, bed and breakfasts. Let us take care of your laundry needs.

Commercial Laundry Service for Restaurants

Our commercial laundry service is perfect for taking care of restaurant linens. We will wash tablecloths, aprons, towels and anything else that you need laundered. And we can do stain removal so that your business' linens always look pristine. Let us take this off of your to-do list.